We process cork in a sustainable and responsible manner.

We work closely to nature

We love nature

We process just the quantity that we need


All year supply


We can provide various type of cork stoppers all year. From technical cork stoppers to natural cork stoppers, we can help you find the right product for your needs. Our factory capacity can cover large quantities of cork stoppers in order to fulfill our orders.

We have been exporting cork stoppers in countries like: ROMANIA, FRANCE, SPAIN, UK, CHINA, SOUTH AFRICA, ARGENTINA, UNITED STATES and AUSTRALIA so we have the experience and expertise in handling customs procedures and international transport.

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We are a team of experienced and professional specialists ready to provide you the right cork stopper solution for your needs. We offer various cork stoppers that have all the certifications in order to satisfy the most quality concerned company.

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We must receive an offer request/order before we can issue a SCO or Draft Contract.
All documents must contain buyers full, verifiable contact details.
Prices and all other important information will be confirmed always in written form, never on phone.
Contract influencing terms cannot be changed without confirmation of both parties.
Don't ask for a "past performance" as every sale has different variables.
We can’t give a pricing without a buyer's offer request.
Please don't send an email and ask 5 minutes later, whether it arrived as we take every email very seriously.
NO WORKING DAYS during weekends and public/bank holidays in ROMANIA.
Please don't start an inquiry with negotiating the commission you have to get (no contract closed - no commission).
Samples can be provided for free; all other expenses are on the buyers account.